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Federal Signal E-Q2B Siren

Federal Signal E-Q2B Siren
Item Code #FS-EQ2B
Regular Price$1,499.99

Q-siren Wail (Auto and Manual), Q Brake, Yelp, and Air Horn.

True 200-watt PA and radio rebroadcast.

Choose a system with either (1) 200-watt speaker or (2) 100-watt speakers.

Noise canceling microphone included.

Current draw of only 30-amps.

Foot switch compatible.

All of the Tradition of the Q-Siren at a Fraction of the Amp Draw The Federal Signal state-of-the-art e-Q2B electronic siren carries on the tradition of our classic Q2B electro-mechanical siren. The e-Q2B combines Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology with a speaker output of 200-watts to accurately reproduce the distinctive sound of the Q-siren while using less current draw. Powerful Amplifier with State-of-the-Art DSP Technology Using DSP circuitry, the e-Q2Bs amplifier is able to reproduce the true Q sound rather than relying on a simple digital recording. DSP also enables the product to function either manually or automatically for hands-free operation. Digital Output Controller Activates Siren Functions This state-of-the-art controller digitally transmits and prioritizes end user commands. The control head/amplifier interface utilizes solid-state digital decoding, which minimizes interconnection complexity. The Digital Output Controller allows the end-user to operate several siren functions. The traditional Q wail can activate in automatic or manual modes. Additional features include a yelp, Q brake, digitally recorded air horn, PA, radio rebroadcast, and a detachable push-to-talk microphone with volume control. The controller provides three external inputs. These inputs allow for the use of externally configured foot switches to activate the manual wail, brake, and air horn functions. Unlike other siren systems, the PA feature offers bandwidth to 10 KHz and a true 200-watts of clear PA power. Designed to Reduce Radio Frequency Interference The e-Q2B has been designed

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